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Informative videos to assist you with your growing projects
GroSupplies Website is not currently up to date please give us a call on 0191 415 3345 or pop in for a chat with our expert growers.

Here are a few informative videos to assist you with your growing requirements.


Bio Balancer biologically activates inert media and growing systems, which in turn boosts the plants resistance to diseases and increases plant nutrient uptake. Bio Balancer also suppresses the development of predatory organisms, whilst stimulating blooms of beneficial bacteria.

Head Masta Improves the quality, aromatics and flavours of high yielding crops. Expect to see the visual appeal of your plants improve as Head Masta works to increase their oil and resin production. This Quality Improver is PGR free and for best results should be used alongside Mighty Bloom Enhancer.

Mighty Bloom Enhancer Increases female flowering sites and the plants solid to water ratio, giving a hard and dense finish with massive increases to dry flower weight. This highly effective Bloom Booster is also PGR Free and for best results should be used alongside Head Masta.

Mighty Growth Enhancer Increases leaf area, light interception and utilisation, and protein and carbohydrate production. This highly effective Vegetative Booster Increases vigour during vegetative growth which in turn leads to large Increases in total yield.

Regen-A-Root’s unique formula stimulates roots through all stages of growth, not just during the vegetative stage. The extra root development during the bloom stage increases nutrient uptake during this critical time. Regen-A-Root runs clean in all systems and the increased root activity will lead to healthier plants and bigger yields.

Wilt Guard Eliminates Pythium and other root diseases whilst offering superior crop protection through our ‘Induced Resistance’ strategy. Wilt Guard reduces the wilting caused by diseased roots and effectively rescues crops.

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